Discover your Inner Super Hero with Dole Fresh

Being healthy is the greatest superpower of all. Whether it's inside for a test or outside on the field, these MARVEL-inspired recipes will help give you the energy and strength you need to overcome your greatest obstacles.

Black Panther

Tactical and strategic, the Black Panther roams with ferocity and sensibility. A plant-based diet with servings full of fruits and veggies will keep you just as energized, agile, and lean. View Character's Recipes

Captain America

As the living symbol of patriotism and liberty, Captain America fights for the Red, White, and Blue. But how do you stay just as strong as him? Raisins, bananas, and figs give you the energy you'll need for any heroic endeavor. View Character's Recipes

Black Widow

A master in covert arts and a resourceful spy, Black Widow is determined to make up for her past by doing good. Outsmart any obstacle in your way by maintaining a diet rich in vitamin C with foods like bell peppers, pineapples, and kiwi. View Character's Recipes

The Hulk

With incredible power and super human strength, the Hulk is the strongest hero there is! And it's no secret that leafy greens, beans, and peas full of iron are what you need to help you stay strong and powerful. View Character's Recipes

Iron Man

A billionaire genius-inventor armed with a powered suit and exceptional science and engineering skills, Iron Man might just be larger than the Big Apple itself. Antioxidants in berries and broccoli are exactly what you need to help protect your brain and keep it performing at its best, just like Iron Man himself. View Character's Recipes


Thor, heir to the throne of Asgard, is the mightiest hero of mythology, protector of the planet. The key to a long, healthy life is ten daily servings of a variety of fruits and veggies. Try these Thor-inspired recipes for a start! View Character's Recipes

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