The Best Stories Begin with Healthy Living


The best family stories begin with healthy living. Dole and Marvel have come together to make healthy eating fun and equip parents and other everyday heroes involved in the often-epic daily battles to make better food choices for their families, including a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

As global leaders committed to heroic living, the two iconic brands have a mission for improving the health of families, inspired by Dole’s multi-year healthy-living initiative with Disney announced in 2016.

This unique collaboration offers families a variety of ways to tell a new healthy-living story. From consumer promotions and in-store activities inspired by Marvel characters and films to character-themed recipes and specially branded DOLE® fruits and vegetables, the goal is to change daily eating habits one meal at a time.

Millions of people benefit from Dole fruits and vegetables and research at the Dole Nutrition Institute (DNI). The Marvel Check program is a quick and easy way for parents and families to identify healthier food options. Together, the two brands seek to do even more by combining the power of the Marvel universe with Dole’s nutrition expertise to make a lasting impact for families in the U.S. and around the world.

Look to this site for creative ways to make nutritious eating more fun for you and your family, including quick and easy recipes and interactive quizzes. Plus, keep an eye out in grocery and retail locations nationwide for fresh produce and other in-store activities featuring the latest Marvel characters.


For more than a century, Dole has served as an unrivaled health and wellness resource to millions of healthy-eating enthusiasts worldwide. Dole is committed to nutrition and nutrition education, and to encouraging the world to adopt a healthier diet including more fresh fruits and vegetables. Dole believes that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can increase America’s nutritional health and help reverse several negative health trends, among them improper diet and inadequate exercise as the leading causes of preventable death.

In 2003, Dole established the Dole Nutrition Institute (DNI) specifically to study the health and wellness benefits of fruits and vegetables, and a plant-based diet. Guided by Director Nicholas Gillitt, Ph.D., and Nutrition and Health Communications Manager Melanie Dwornik, MS, RD, DNI remains the world’s most definitive, easily accessible and scientifically validated resource on nutrition and health.

Most recently, Dole appointed award-winning chef, culinary educator and author Mark Allison as DNI Director of Culinary Nutrition to translate its produce-based research into compelling meals that prove the vital role of fruit and vegetables as the staple of a healthy diet.

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In 2006, The Walt Disney Company became the first major media company to establish a Nutrition Guideline Policy to associate its brands and characters with a more nutritious portfolio of foods and beverages. The company has since marked every year of its Healthy Living Commitment with significant milestones such as becoming the first major media company to launch food advertising standards for kids, launching new content and experiences that inspire healthier lifestyles, and introducing the Disney Check and Marvel Check.

The Marvel Check is a quick and easy way for families to identify healthier food and beverage options in stores, on-air, on-line and other places where Marvel products are sold. Foods and recipes that feature the Marvel Check adhere to the rigorous Marvel Nutrition Guideline Criteria.

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