Which Star Wars  Character Are You Most Like?

Will you unite against the First Order or let the Galaxy succumb to the Dark Side? Take Dole’s Star Wars quiz to find out what your destiny is.

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Question 1

Heroes Luke and Rey took to the stars to embark on epic journeys. How do you approach your adventure?

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Question 2

A Padawan learner faces many challenges on his/her path to becoming a Jedi Knight. What is your biggest challenge in maintaining healthy eating and lifestyle choices?

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Question 3

Adventures in the Star Wars galaxy often involve teamwork whether you are part of the Resistance or supporting the First Order. Which role do you most often play in groups?

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Question 4

It’s important to pack enough food for any adventure. Which Dole product would you pack first for your journey?

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Question 5

Star Wars planets exhibit different climates and environments. Which of these locations would you travel to on your journey?

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Question 6

Going on adventures requires you to stay in shape. Which workout best describes what you do?

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