Porgs & Greens

Inspired by Porgs

Prep: 10 min. / Cook: 3 min.

Makes: 4 servings


2 cups DOLE® Cauliflower florets
2 cups DOLE Broccoli florets
3 tablespoons DOLE Pineapple Juice
3 tablespoons Thai sweet chili sauce
2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce
1 tablespoon Thai fish sauce
1 teaspoon sesame seeds


Steam cauliflower and broccoli for 2-3 minutes or until fork tender.

Combine pineapple juice, sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, and fish sauce in small bowl. Whisk to blend.

Place cauliflower and broccoli into serving bowl. Pour dressing over and sprinkle with sesame seeds.


Amounts per serving: 70 Calories, 0.5g Fat, 0mg Cholesterol, 720mg Sodium, 11g Total Carbohydrate, 3g Protein, 20%* Vit. A, 90%* Vit. C, 4%* Calcium, 4%* Iron (*Percent daily value based on 2,000 calorie diet)

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