Marvelous Meals

Taking care of your body is the first step in powering the hero within. Take a look at all our Marvel-inspired meals below.

Tropical Rainforest Parfait

Monarch Multigrain Banana Bread

Vibranium Lasagna

T’Challa Teriyaki Kabobs

Wakanda Wrap

Mjolnir Roll-Ups

Sunrise-Over-Asgard Smoothie

Mighty Mini-BLT Bites

Asgard Avocado Bowls

Super Strength Snack Pocket

Sunrise Shield Pizza

First Avenger Flapjacks

Super Sandwiches

Legendary Cuban Sandwich

Liberty Banana Sushi

Smash Smoothie

Muscle French Toast Strata

Banner White Bean Soup

Incredible Meatloaf

Power Punch Smoothie

Secret Agent Smoothie

Bold Banana Parfait

Widow Bite Spider Rolls

Stealth-Stuffed Peppers

Peanut Butter and Pineapple Under Wraps

Invincible Smoothie

Stark Industries Banana Pie Oatmeal

Arc Reactor Latkes

JARVIS Sunflower Crunch Pockets

Brainy Broccoli and Parm Gratin

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