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Bringing Food On a Spontaneous Picnic

Nothing makes a better summer Instagram picture than you and your significant other going on a picnic at the beach or park. Bonus points if you can bring a dog with you. Set a good example for your followers and pack some dishes like these that are good for you and easy on the eyes:
  • Kale and Cabbage Slaw: A quick and colorful assortment of fruits and vegetables that is quick to make and looks good on any screen!

  • BLT Mini Bites: Everything is truly better on a stick. Increase your photogenic nature with these quick and healthy snacks that will fit in any picnic basket.

  • Ultimate Chicken Tacos: No picnic would be complete without some tacos. Load up some baggies with toppings and build them right on the blanket. Just make sure to get a snapshot that shows off the healthy goodness in each of them!
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