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Eat Your Veggies—At Breakfast

Vegetables?! For breakfast? Believe it or not, there are delicious ways to get your greens (and more) at breakfast that go beyond the usual smoothies and juices. Try one of these three recipes to add a savory and novel taste to your morning.
  • Smoked Salmon Breakfast Salad: Take everything you love about a bagel with lox and serve it up on our Dole Ultimate Caesar Salad Kit for a light take on a breakfast favorite.

  • Green Pancakes with Pear-Lime Relish: We put a healthy twist on the usual pancakes by adding spinach, green onion, and savory herbs, and topping them with a sweet-and-spicy relish.

  • Breakfast Grains and Greens: Pump up the protein with your favorite whole grains on a crunchy salad from our Dole Chopped Sesame Asian Kit. Press your grains into fun shapes with cookie cutters to add some whimsy to your meal.
Hungry for more veggies, more breakfasts, or any meal under the sun? Check out our recipe page for fresh ideas.