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Healthy House Party Recipes

From decorations, to beverages, to food, to seating arrangements, the responsibilities for hosting a dinner party can be a lot to manage. And depending on your guests’ preferences, it’s important to consider their tastebuds and dietary concerns so you can prepare delicious, nutritious options. While you’re busy taking out the silverware, allow us to plan the menu.


  • Dole Pineapple Mango Salsa: Salsa is one of those popular dips you can easily buy at the store, but is significantly better when it’s homemade. Jazz it up with pineapple and mango for a tasty twist on a dish your guests are already familiar with.
  • Spinach-Avocado Hummus: Add a nutritious kick to another popular dip by making this delicious hummus. Serve it with vegetables or crackers for dipping, and enjoy a guilt-free appetizer that your health-conscious guests will appreciate.
  • Spicy Green Gazpacho: Impress your guests with this refreshing chilled soup that’s packed with flavor. The best part: when served in individual cups, your guests can walk around with it as they mingle– no table necessary.

Main Course

  • Blackened Tuna with Banana Mango Chutney: This tender tuna dish will make your dining room seem like a restaurant. Leave the chutney on the side for guests to customize their tuna to their liking.
  • One Skillet Mushroom, Spinach & Kale Gnocchi: Perfect for your vegetarian guests, this gnocchi dish is a delicious, fresh serving of carbs and greens. Cooking it all in one skillet makes preparation way easier, too– it’s a win-win.
  • Hail Caesar: This version of a Caesar salad is great for your pickier guests. Although the flavors are familiar, it’s packed with Brussels sprouts and other veggies that make it more complex and wholesome.


  • Fresh Pineapple Tart: If the summer heat is getting to you and your guests, this pineapple tart may be the refreshing solution. Not only is it bright and beautiful, but its sweet and sour flavors will be the perfect after-dinner treat.
  • Cocoa Raspberry Mug Cake: If you don’t want to bother with leftovers, these mug cakes will do the trick. Confirm the number of guests that you’re expecting and stick to those individual portions for easy serving and little cleanup.
  • Blackberry Sorbet: For a lighter option, try a summery sorbet. With it’s rich color and subtle sweetness, it will look pretty on the table and taste great.

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