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Healthy Snacks for Your Kids’ Next Playdate

As fun as playdates are for the kids, for parents, it can be another story. We’ll let the parents be the experts on sharing toys and coordinating timing, but leave the healthy snack search to us. Satisfy their sweet tooth with these nutritious treats and you’re bound to host the playdate of the century:
  • Caribbean Cream Pops: After playing outside for hours, all the kids are going to want to do is chill—so be a cool parent with a healthy popsicle.
  • Black Tie Strawberries: The deliciousness of the extraordinary dress fruit will get your kids and their friends begging for thirds.

  • Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches: Satisfy their sweet tooth with a nutritious alternative to an ice cream sandwich. Filled with fresh berries and creamy banana, your kids are going to love this healthy twist on a classic summer treat.
  • Fresh Pineapple Upside-Down Cake: Kids dream about the days where their parents tell them there is cake in the kitchen. Pop this out in front of them and their friends and you will never have to beg them to clean up after themselves again. (Well, at least for a few hours.)
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